Iím Carolyn and I love baking! It is my passion, something I have done almost my whole life. For years, family and friends would say I should have a business and sell my creations. Since cupcakes are one of my favorite things to bake, I have decided to do just that!

My inspiration for baking comes from my mom who is an excellent cook and baker. Iím sure the seed for this dream was planted by her long ago.

When I was a little girl growing up on our farm, we had regular access to freshness. Whether it was making our own butter from fresh milk, canning vegetables from the garden or making homemade jelly from our grapes, being in the kitchen with my mom taught me so much. It was there that I learned to appreciate the best quality ingredients in Ďmade from scratchí dishes and desserts. Her kitchen was my culinary classroom. Passing her lessons along to my two children and sharing cooking and baking experiences with my nieces and nephews has been a real joy.

Often, our kitchen had that familiar baking aroma, from baking various flavors of meringue pies, Poppy Seed Cake (a family favorite), kolaches of every flavor or my dadís favorite cherry pie. I witnessed my momís love of being in the kitchen and remember that her favorite cookbook was always on the counter. That, along with the love she put into meals, is still with me. That is what I hope to bring to my customers with every order.